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11/18/14 – Are Your Hiring Practices Helping or Hurting Your Organization

Join us on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 for our Strategic HR Series event, “Are Your Hiring Practices Helping or Hurting Your Organization.”

6:30 pm

American Cancer Society
132 West 32nd Street
New York, NY 10001

As organizations grow, evolve and transform, HR leaders often become increasingly aware of how policies and practices, hiring practices in particular, play a considerable role in impacting organizational culture.    

This session will explore how you and your organization can answer these and other questions as you look to develop your own organizational culture:

Our featured speakers, Muriel Rosa Watkins, Founder and President of MRW Consulting Group International LLC, and Linda Tepedino, former CHRO at Consumer Reports, will explore and discuss the three critical steps to success:

  • How do organizations retain the desirable aspects of their culture as the organization needs to evolve?
  • How does an organization strike an effective balance that incorporates more structure and rigor in its practices, without destroying those positive aspects of its culture? 
  • What are best practices that work? What practices do not work?


 Muriel Watkins                  Linda Tepedino

About our Speakers:

Muriel Watkins – A long-term NAAAHR-GNY supporter, Muriel has been a presenter, has information in the Resources section of our website under both Publications & Research as well as currently being featured in our Coach’s Corner.  Her company, MRW Consulting Group International LLC, a HR consulting firm dedicated to capability building with corporate and private foundations, educational and not-for-profit institutions operating globally.

Linda Tepedino – is a Senior HR Executive with expertise in leading HR strategy and operations in changing and growing organizations.  She has experience implementing talent strategies domestically and internationally in public, private and non-profit organizations.  She has a specialty in directing HR for subsidiaries, start-ups and acquisitions in media.

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