Mission, Vision, & Goals

Our Mission

The National Association of African Americans in Human Resources, Greater New York (NAAAHR-NY), a not-for-profit organization, exists to provide a regional forum where Black and African American human resources practitioners and those who are aligned with our goals can share, gain information and provide leadership on issues affecting their individual careers and the global workforce. By doing this, we endeavor to increase the presence and leadership ability in minority talent at all levels, across all industries, by facilitating conferences, symposiums, seminars, regional events, career fairs and building strategic alliances.

Our Vision

NAAAHR-GNY is the leading change organization, inspiring its members toward professional growth by building relationships with equally dynamic professionals, learning best practices, and exploring topics of relevance to the HR community.

Our Goals

  • To establish a national network and forum for Black, African American and emerging minority Human Resources practitioners.
  • To conduct, monitor and disseminate research and analysis on major workforce issues.
  • To influence the platforms of national and international organizations which influence career opportunities and work life.
  • To establish a mechanism to monitor legislation and other factors that affect Human Resources practitioners and to develop strategies that effectively represent membership interests.
  • To provide conferences, seminars, systematic studies and publications which inform and advance the professional development of Human Resources practitioners aligned with our goals.
  • To provide service that support members’ needs such as a regional directory, job listing database, newsletter, interactive web site, human resources journal for member publications and an information resource library.
  • To serve as a resource to individuals interested in entering the Human Resources profession.